Fall Promo Code ‘BAGSHOES’ for women’s Shoes & Handbags and more by Amazon

Today Amazon offers the extra 20% off fall promo code ‘BAGSHOES’ for women’s Shoes and Handbags, for saving just enter promo ‘BAGSHOES’ code on the checkout page on spending $80, the amount of the savings will be reflected on the final order and will be allocated proportionally to all participating items in the Shopping Cart...the promo code will be expired at 11:59 p.m (PT), October 8, 2014  , click to save extra 20% off on women’s Shoes and Handbags, Boots and Cross-Bodies and more >>>

Fall Promo Code 'BAGSHOES' for women's Shoes & Handbags by Amazon
Fall Promo Code ‘BAGSHOES’ for women’s Shoes & Handbags by Amazon

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